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Mama Earth

She deserves my hug, deserves my kiss, deserves my touch

SheDeserves my love, just like a wish, so I cherish her much

Like Jah morning start, she IS bright in my life, Oh yes

Strum her like my guitar, mellodies nice make love blaze

Shape Better than my car, my movie star, link up always

Fine touches she bringS coming from far, length of days

Sweet to my thoughts like amazing grace

Deserving my , She mi embrace

Gold and green gratuitous greet when mi step through the market place

Natty heading to the house upon the hill that ah di Rastaman gates

She is my red, gold and green,

Talk bout Mama Earth

She is my queen,

Know what life worth

Perfect for me, she bring comfort

Joy of my life

Right yah Now true love a work.

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