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Better Now

After a long year of 2020, the best way to step into 2021 is with the theme "Better Now". "Better Now," is the title of Kisko Amar-I latest single. A simpel song with a powerful message.

"I wrote this song early November after reflecting on how unpredictable life is. I lost a friend and two weeks prior I had no idea that I wouldn't be able to have at least one more conversation. So what's the hold up?

Instead of waiting for the right time, why not now. Life can be unpredictable so if I am going to make the best out of life, I rather to do it earlier than later, "Better Now".

" Better Now," is a powerful theme that resonate on a foundational level. Making Life "Better Now" foundation have to set right now. Decision about life in general, must be smarter. Why work hard if the hard has no value in it.

For the future, Kisko Amar-I sings, "Better Now."

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