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Kisko Amar-I Bio

Kisko Amar-I is an artist with a special ability. Many artists produce various outcomes in a bid to reach audiences across the digital airwaves. Kisko Amar-I, however, has that rare power to connect with an audience live; to reach out and help them feel the music, to take them on a journey.

Currently coming out of Florida, Kisko actually started out in New York. Working with various producers, the artist allowed an number of influences to shape his sound including roots reggae, dancehall and echoes of rock and jazz, too. There is real craft in the songwriting, a real passion for connecting with people, an essence of positivity runs through this music. During a performance at Palm Beach, Jamaica Independence show, audience members were moved to approach Kisko after the show to tell him just how much his work had connected with them. Describing his sound as ‘simple, pure and spiritual’, Kisko knows that the power of his music lies in his ability to reach out and affect audiences. Having already played across the states and Jamaica and with various notable artists, this is an artist building momentum toward something big. Open your mind and soul and listen to music that really connects; seek out Kisko Amar-I, today.

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